Chicago Catering Company What They Can Do For Your Event

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Chicago Catering Company – What They Can Do For Your Event


Derek Groves

If you reside within the Chicago area and have a future function to organize, such as a company party, you might be beginning to recognize that organizing a memorable occasion is no simple undertaking. There is a great deal which goes into event preparation; right from acquiring a precise headcount on attendees, to list the food, to the decor, there is really a lot of consideration as well as groundwork behind having an outstanding function.

Nevertheless, there’s one guaranteed method to ensure that the attendees have a great time – the food. Given that the food at your function has an extremely large influence on your guest’s total experience, it is crucial that you select the best Chicago catering company.

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You require a catering company that realizes that corporate and business catering is an essential part of the world of business and is able to put together appropriate meals and presentation which is suitable for the event. There are numerous catering services in Chicago that are experts in organizing professional banquets in addition to informal drop off dishes. These catering providers consist of a group of culinary professionals and event planning experts who have a great deal of expertise catering these particular kinds of functions.

Many Chicago catering companies have an extensive variety of menu items which will enhance virtually any special event, whether it is formal or informal. With business events and get-togethers, a lot of individuals are coming particularly for the food; therefore it is crucial that you treat your employees and peers to something they think was worth going to a work function on their own leisure time. Ensure that you go with a wide selection of foods to ensure that everybody attending will get something they prefer.

You should also ensure that the staff working at the function is trustworthy and competent. By selecting a professional Chicago catering company that was recommended to you by a relative, colleague or even online testimonials, you can raise the probability that your special event goes off with no problems.

In case you are undecided about the theme you wish your event to communicate, the catering company you select should be able to make recommendations to you and also present to you samples of prior functions they have catered akin to yours. The most crucial thing is early preparation. If you allocate sufficient time to organize your function instead of waiting until the eleventh hour, you will manage to worry less as the date of the function draws near and really enjoy yourself.

This article was written by Derek Groves for Pear Tree Catering (

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Chicago catering company


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Diatomaceous Earth An Amazing Creation Of Mother Nature

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Submitted by: Jane Heinrichs

Diatomaceous earth – An Amazing Creation of Mother Nature.

Many people know of Diatomaceous earth (DE) as a non-toxic, natural, pesticide, insecticide and how it eliminates bed bugs, ants, fleas, ticks, etc.. in a physical manner. But, I wonder how many are aware of it’s nutritional and health benefits for animals and humans?

In Biochemistry of Essential Ultratrace Elements, a 1972 report by Dr. Edith Carlisle, she states that Silicon is an essential element for bone growth and nutritionally important for preventing some forms of chronic diseases associated with aging. Unusually large amounts of silicon was noted in the skin and hair. More impressive was that the aorta, trachea and tendons were found to be 4 – 5 times richer in Silicon than the liver, heart, an muscle. Diatomaceous Earth, which is composed primarily of silicon dioxide, is now becoming more recognized as playing a major role in anti-aging, by reversing and preventing the chronic diseases that appear associated with the areas of the body where there is a Silicon deficiency.

Dr. Adolfo Butenandt in his 1993 Nobel Price winning research stated that “life cannot exist without silica”. He proved that Silica is a necessary nutrient for all life forms.

These teeny tiny microscopic fossilized diatoms, Diatomaceous Earth, are cylindrical in shape and have lattice like walls made of Silicone Dioxide – Silica. As millions of these negatively charged cylinders move through the gastrointestinal tract, they attract, absorb and trap positively charged fungi, protozoa, viruses, endotoxins, pesticides, drug residues, E-Coli, and heavy metals which are then passed out of the body. Any parasite that escapes this vacuum cleaner type action is then ‘cut up’ and/or killed by the hardness and sharpness of these microscopic skeletons of the diatoms. The result of this process is a cleaner healthier colon and therefore an over-all healthier body. Some of the silica in Diatomaceous Earth is absorbed into the blood vessels and helps destroy bad fats.

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Perma-Guard s Fresh Water Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth mined and milled into Fossil Shell Flour is 89-95% Amorphous Silica. It s no wonder that people, and as observed in animals too, are experiencing health improvements. Some of them are:

40 to 60 points dropped in cholesterol levels just two weeks after taking DE.

Lowered blood pressure. Healthier blood sugar levels – silica can help diabetes by promoting synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas.

Joint pain, osteoporosis, rheumatism feels better – Silica can stop the pain and even restore the body’s self repair process. It can help speed up the healing process and reduce the scaring on the site of fractures. With enough silica in the body, silica can be turned into calcium when needed by the body itself.

Healthy younger skin at any age – silica supports the formation of collagen which is the glue that holds our joint together and responsible for healthy youthful skin. Silica helps with skin problems and injuries including Itching, rashes, abscesses, boils, acne, callouses, warts, eczemas, burns, frostbite, benign skin sores, insect bites, and bed sores.

Weight loss the natural way! Taken first thing in the morning, one hour before breakfast, has helped curb appetites through the day. Lots of people have reported weight loss!

Not only healthier hair but also hair growth! Yes, I’ve heard numerous reports that people are growing healthy hair on their bald heads! This really shouldn’t be a surprise as silica is the major component of hair at 90 micrograms per gram of silica compared to silica content of healthy bones at 100 micrograms per gram of silica.

Healthier teeth and gums – silica helps with the hardening of enamel, prevents cavities. Can help fight ulceration, decay of bones, and lessen inflammation.

Nails become strong and healthy also. Age spots disappearing.

Higher energy levels are reported. Sleeping better. Waking up refreshed with less sleep.

Silica reduces inflammation in bronchitis. Silica protects from pollution by maintaining and restoring the elasticity of the lung tissue.

I just feel better is a common remark from people after a few days of taking Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. In her book, “Going Green Using Diatomaceous Earth How-to Tips”, Tui Rose, a concerned mother and registered nurse, does an excellent job in providing fact based data and resources for DE. It is an easy guide book for using a safer alternative, natural mineral, food grade insecticide with over 101 uses.

About the Author: Jane Heinrichs, due to her own health challenges, has spent 20+ years researching natural alternative for optimal health. Diatomaceous Earth is her latest discovery. Food Grade DE in various sizes and Tui Rose’s book on DE can be found at



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Property Condition Assessment What You Should Know, To Succeed!

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Property condition assessment – what you should know, to succeed!



The process of property condition assessment process is very thorough and detailed. It is standard practice, in the usa, to handle research and carry out a walk-through survey assessing the down sides available on any parcel of economic property. The target is to look for the physical deficiencies, the equipment and/or components. Furthermore, aside from a walkthrough assessment in the commercial property, interviews and document review interviews are performed as well. The interviews complement the walkthrough survey to aid the specialist to understand the commercial property and identification of physical deficiencies.

Property condition assessment is important should you be considering to buy an industrial property. It is advisable that you simply rely on someone else to get this done for you if you aren\’t educated and trained property condition assessor. Additionally, it\’s advisable which you walk through the commercial property with the firm which you hire to check the commercial property. An advertisement property is a big investment. Therefore, it\’s advisable that you simply spend some time to help you communicate better with all the firm regarding the property, identify any issues and enquire of questions.

Following your property condition assessment survey, a Property Condition Report is produced. This can include all of the relevant information which was obtained through the walkthrough with the commercial property. The report should include opinions regarding the estimated cost to the suggested remedies for the identified physical inadequacies which are throughout the commercial property during the time of the walkthrough. However, the exact property Condition Assessment will not include any physical deficiencies that can be remedied with normal operating maintenance, miscellaneous minor repairs and routine maintenance. Generally, the report may also exclude any conditions that do not manifest in to a material physical deficiency.

Don\’t simply check out the report as it is part of \”HomeworkInch. Understand and be involved with, the task. Determine what features a physical deficiency, and those that tend to be more significant than the others and which of them mean a deal breaker. You will obtain much how much information compared to a simple reading in the Property Condition Assessment when walking-through from the commercial property along with the consultant and interacting through inquiring well-thought thought questions and inquiries, when compared with simply going through the outcome the actual report.

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Walking through the property along with the firm will still only supply you with a better understanding concerning the commercial property but additionally increase the overall understanding of the exact property y by identifying any issues that has to be very important to you but isn\’t incorporated with the standard Property Condition Assessment. With experience, it will be possible to \”feel\” the amount will be the rentals are being cared for by taking a look at equipment logs, water treatment tests, engineering logs, etc.

Most of the people make use of a Property Condition assessment as a technique to scale back risk and uncertainty that accompanies purchasing a commercial property. However, the uses of this report aren\’t limited being a tool for minimizing uncertainty only. The report has are of help in many ways like:

Negotiation tool considering that the report contains every detail in the commercial property, the pros and cons. Furnished with the data and details within the report, a skillful negotiator can better his / her position in the negotiating table. You can then ask for a low price or at make seller consent to shoulder repairs.

Anticipation internally, it will be possible to anticipate any damage that is likely to arise in the future, and you may then adjust your building budget plans accordingly.

Preventative maintenance since report will include each of the physically deficiencies of a commercial property, you will then be capable to formulate a much better long-term and short-term preventative maintenance.

Don\’t assume all Property Condition Assessment are top quality. Understand that the adage \”You get whatever you pay for\” applies generally. Hiring a good firm to accomplish the commercial property evaluation may be worth the extra price for any quality Property Condition Assessment.

Home condition assessment is really a detailed and thorough report with the physical deficiencies of property. It mainly applies for commercial properties, however it is not limited to it. The report serves a great deal of uses from reducing risk to having a preventative maintenance plan.

If you have liked this article and want to learn more on

then see this site we found that answers all your propert questions and some more, click this link –

Read More Here

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Check Printing Company Check Printing Companies In The Us

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One other method for getting a trustworthy Verification Printing Company is as simple as choosing the one which delivers the majority of most current stability products and in many cases rapid backup, that may keep your information and secure it all in case of virtually any disaster. In the same manner the buyer care makes a difference a great deal; you can create a good query from the prior prospects and also give you the thought of services the level of pleasure that you could expect to have throughout in this article. As a result of asking them questions in regards to the Check Printing Companies In America tasks and becoming those involved with print out may bring the necessary insurance policy to every activity in addition to office successfully. Should you search online, the amount of Check Printer supplying these providers currently have spectacular consumer collection seeing that indication of pleasure how many are really along with them? The result can be purchased by making your proof through the origin becoming stated. This sort of Check Printing Companies In The US circumstance for the massive or choice sizing business with many creation or revenue department constantly bring about demand for quantity of paychecks being drawn month after month.

If you’re not acquainted with a certain Verify Printing Company you are thinking about, you’ll want to verification printing company opinions. Printing company reviews are your way of discovering whenever what you’re bearing in mind might be reliable. Currently, make certain Nokia’s you receive could be respected. Company critiques is found on the internet. There are also the ones that come in print out guides. If acquiring Check Printing Companies In the USA, it is crucial that you actually carry along with you confident fascination plus an amenable thoughts. You need to dig through every piece of information along with determine which will must get your attention all most of these company testimonials. You’ll want to get notices, also. Check Company are available internet, so if you are looking for a secret to get the assistance you’ll need, jog a web based seek. You will be effortlessly associated with each one of these internet sites that producing a determination could be very difficult.

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Obtaining the Money Company can be quite a comfort. Comparatively, it can be more readily found some sort of design along with check printer which need not necessarily require going out of your workplace and achieving to operate close to your current area. Examining it each and every printer service may be demanding. Begin with a topic. You may make the Check Printing Companies In the United States much easier should you may have learned things to develop. You are able to discuss together with your designer about what style and design concept you’re going to make use of. It’s also possible to receive ideas out of people you’re friends with. Accumulate your own Money Company information. If you are intending to complete the look by yourself, make certain you have each of the essential products. You might acquire well variations, hair brushes and also habits for you design and style design templates which will be used to get business enterprise. Possibly be fresh by using design and style.

Verification Company could work out with all the standard, in case you should do variations, start trial and error! Oftentimes, a novice may offer one of the most interesting design and style subjects. Run a examine art print. A good way to uncover whether a person’s design template Can be Check Printing Companies In the USA is always to manage a examine art print. Look at print exams, and be often looking for goof ups. You may learn a number of flaws including site will bleed which may always be edited. Normally save your valuable data. Should you be considering to breed your print supplies, it might be easier. You just need to make Money Company crucial modifications and still have it completely ready to get . Make an edition regarding Check Printing Companies In The US about your current records on your hard drive.

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For more information on Check Printing Companies In The US and Check Printing Company visit my website. Author: Marry Parker

Free Online Casino

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Submitted by: W. Zaragona

The word Casino is derived from an Italian word named Casa which means small villa or a summerhouse. A casino has the facility that accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Casinos are usually formed in combination with hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and other tourist attractions. In casinos customers gamble by playing in slot machines or in other games of chance like craps, roulette, baccarat and some skill games like black jack, pocker etc. these games have usually have mathematical determination. Casino business has turned out to be one of the largest earning businesses that collects huge amount of revenue of the worlds.

A casino has numerous types of games in it that can help you attain thrill and excitement. It enables you to join into wide variety of games and try your fortune. Most of the games comprises or revolves around cards, spinning wheels, slots etc. some of the comman games of casino that are very commonly seen are slot machines, Blackjack, Roulette, craps, keno and many more. Slot machines are the simplest among the casino games it does not require and prior knowledge of gambling, in this the players a lever to rotate a series if reels. In this winning is determined y the lining up of the images. Another popular game of casino is blackjack in this the player plays against the dealer and the objective of this game is to as close to 21 with your cards. Another card game which is gaining popularity these days are poker. In this type of casino game players play against each other not against the dealer to win Poker is a game that requires lot of skill and knowledge. The other casino games that can be played are roultte and craps.

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In roulette the player just needs to guess where the ball will fall where the roulette wheel will stop. Where a scraps is the game of dice where the player can bet in variety of combinations in order to win. This casino game requires a bit of knowledge before playing it. These casino games have attracted people since ages only difference now is the involvement of new technology and instruments.

In casinos players are also classified as per their investment. There are two types of casino customers: grind and premium. The grind customers are the once who pay or bet in small amounts where as premium players are the ones who bet in large amounts. Casino business has gained huge popularity because of its large revenue collection. So for enjoying various casino games back at home you can go through various websites that offers you attractive deals. These online casino websites are gaining popularity day by day because of their great section of online games. So now no need to travel far of distances to enjoy the casino life you can have the benefit of the same back at home by the means of various websites that offer online casinos services.

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Facebook Australia And Australia Social Networking Reach Many People

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By Sean Goudelocks

People are spending more time in the internet. Most people start their days by going online and going to their favorite websites. Australia is one of the countries with the highest users of the internet. Through the years Facebook Australia and Australia Social Networking climbed the rankings for most visited sites. Many people are using Facebook and now becoming the number 1 website in Australia visited by internet users. Online search engines are being moved to second place because of the influence these social networking sites have. Searches are now being done using Facebook instead of the leading search engines.

11.7 % of all visits to social networks originated from Australia. Facebook Australia and Australia Social Networking became so popular and widely used by its people. Almost everyone in Australia has their accounts and you must take advantage of it to be able to promote your product. Even if you just take a portion of all the account users in the country you can already have a good network that will help you with your business. It is easy to do business especially if you already have a strong network which will either buy or help promote your product. Your business will be successful if it is known all over the country and even in the other parts of the world. If you have nothing to hide about your product then show it in your profile or gallery of pictures to gain exposure.

YouTube Preview Image

Facebook Australia and Australia Social Networking can reach many people so most industries created their accounts to promote their products and services. Advertising techniques and propaganda are directed to social networking sites because companies have noticed the influence they bring to their followers. A simple promo can be cascaded in the social networks and through proper advertising and information drive can create a successful campaign. Every product now has its Facebook Account. With millions of people opening and updating their profiles, there are times that the advertisements will get noticed. Most companies are relying now on their campaigns in their network. The more people who can know their products will be better for their companies.

Facebook Australia and Social Networking is already part of an ordinary day in Australia. You must maximize this potential to gain advantage for your product. You can always have promos in your stores advertised in your social networking accounts. You must always inform everybody in your network about new things and developments about your product. It is not easy to have a name recall for your product if you don’t advertise. Make cheap advertisements by making your own posted in your account. Australia has many internet users and the industry right now is booming. Many people of different ages have access to these social networking sites. If a product is presented then more people can know it and any positive comments will surely influence many people. A good network of people can create more opportunities. More reasons for your business to be successful.

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Facebook Australia and Australia Social Networking

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What Are The Differences Between Oak And Walnut Flooring?

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By Derek Rogers

Hardwood flooring is a classic and luxurious way to add a beautiful floor to your home. Used for centuries, hardwood is a durable choice that can last for many years with the proper care. And, if your hardwood floor becomes damaged, you can

refinish it, instead of replacing it


However, there are many choices available when it comes to the type of wood used in your hardwood floor. Oak is one of the most popular, but maple, walnut, and others are also offered. If you’re thinking about a hardwood floor and are not sure if walnut or oak flooring are the right choices for your home, then here is some information to help you decide.


is the less expensive of the two floors and a little softer. It’s more readily available and can come stained in a number of colours. That means that if you’re not interested in paying the premium for the look and hardness of walnut, but want a dark floor, you can still get one. Oak does not, however, look like walnut, even when stained the same colour. It has a much tighter grain, which some prefer, but others consider less attractive.

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is a naturally dark, open grained wood. Most species are harder than oak, but softer than many other. The look of natural walnut is one that’s hard to reproduce artificially, however. If you love walnut wood, skip the imitations – they won’t measure up. However, remember that the way your flooring is produced may affect the look of it and it might not look just like the sample.

Sawn boards

are the traditional option. However, lower priced sliced wood (which is soaked before sawing, then dried again) will have a different grain and be harder to refinish. Also, depending on where your wood was grown, it will look different. Even a few miles can make some difference in the appearance of an oak or walnut floor. That means it’s a good idea to get a look at the wood you’ll be using for your floor before installing it, if the exact look of the grain is important to you. Ask for samples of the specific flooring you will order, not just flooring of the same species.

Care for walnut and oak flooring is similar.

Both can dent if a heavy object is dropped on them, although satin finishes may help reduce the appearance of these blemishes. Oak will dent more easily. Red oak is rated at about 1290 on the Janka hardness scale, while white oak rates at 1360. Black walnut is actually a little softer than these woods – rating at about 1000 on the scale. However, other walnut species are considerably harder – red walnut rates at 2450 and Brazilian walnut at an impressive 3680.

In the end, the choice of oak flooring versus walnut flooring comes down to personal preferences and budget. If you want the rich look of walnut, you won’t get it with an imitation. For those concerned about durability, red or Brazilian walnut are also great choices.

However, if a good hardwood floor is the priority, and you don’t want to spend as much, oak is a perfectly attractive and worthwhile choice.

About the Author: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For wood flooring, he recommends Completely Flooring, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of



Walnut Flooring



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Positive Discipline In The Classroom For A Completely Purposeful Education

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Positive Discipline In The Classroom For A Completely Purposeful Education


R. Barrow

Implementing positive discipline in the classroom offers great help in totally educating students. With this kind of discipline, conflicts will be resolved and behavior issues will be corrected. In this manner, students will not be considered as the problem, but a part of solution. They will be shown how to deal with various issues like bullying, sharing and teasing; individually or as a group.

How To Verify If Positive Discipline Is Present

There are some decisive factors that will help you determine if what you have established in the classroom is positive discipline or not. You know that it is when children are able to feel they do belong in the group; that they are significant parts of the class. Positively disciplined students also display attitudes that are encouraging and respectful. This type of discipline will remain within a student over a long period of time. He/she will consider the thoughts, feelings and knowledge of his surroundings and of himself in order to come up with the best possible decision. In this manner of disciplining, everyone learns how to socialize with others, show concern for others and contribute to others\’ wellbeing. Children will learn their capabilities and use them without hurting others.

It Teaches About Mutual Respect

YouTube Preview Image

The teacher can impart mutual respect on students by modeling firmness and kindness. Firmness can be practiced by showing respect and recognition to what the current situation needs; kindness can be shown by taking into account what the child needs.

It Considers The Root Of The Problem

Discipline that is effectively implemented is also able to recognize the reasons behind a student\’s actions. Necessary steps will then be taken in accordance to these reasons. Inappropriate beliefs will be altered instead of the child\’s behavior.

It Promotes Proper Communication

Through effective discipline, students learn how to correctly communicate with one another. If there are problems to be dealt with, they are discussed accordingly in order to determine what possible solutions can be applied.

It Does Not Serve to Punish

Unlike the form of discipline where corporal punishment is implemented, it positively reinforces. Rather than punish a child for an improper behavior, it seeks to find solution that will influence a child\’s attitude to change.

It Encourages

Effective implementation of discipline also encourages rather than praise a student. Praising a child only considers whatever success or milestone a child is able to accomplish. Encouragement, on the other hand, will take into account the efforts of a child and the improvements (no matter how small or big) a child has reached. With this, long-term empowerment and self-esteem will be established.

Gather Everyone\’s Attention

To ensure that discipline is implemented, you need to take some necessary steps. First of all, prior to beginning the day\’s lesson, be sure to gather all the students\’ attention. It will be futile to start teaching while the children are still chattering. Inexperienced educators make this common mistake. They believe that the students will begin to pay attention to them once they start with the lesson. Although this might work, some students might think that it is okay for you to teach even while they are chatting with each other. They would wrongly assume that you are accepting their inattention and you are permitting them not to listen to you.

Classroom Discipline 101

offers effective techniques on classroom discipline and management.

52 Teaching Tips

is a related guide on how to be an effective educator.

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Promotional Baseball Caps Covers Your Business And Your Head

Posted on 30th September 2013 by in Charity

Submitted by: Miles Lovegrove

When you are selecting a promotional item for your business, there are three things that you want it to be in order that it will be effective:




Those three reasons are why a lot of corporations order branded baseball caps. When it comes to visibility for your company, branded baseball caps keep your company on everyone’s minds those who wear the branded baseball caps and those who see them.

When you order printed baseball caps for your company with your personal logo on them, you are going to find that there are plenty of opportunities to market them.

1. Company functions

YouTube Preview Image

If you have a casual function coming out, such as a picnic, you can give them out to people who come to the picnic. If it’s an especially hot day, they are going to be happy to be able to keep their heads covered.

2. Charity events

When employees are participating in a charity event, have them each wear one of your printed baseball caps so that everyone knows what team they are on and what company they are with. They are great for things such as runs, baseball games, or any other type of charity event that you can think of.

3. Donate them for fund raising

If you know of a group who is trying to raise money for their organisation, you can donate some of your printed baseball caps so that they can sell them. Not only will you be able to use the donation as a tax deduction, but also your company will get exposure and people will remember your generosity.

Now that we know how they can be used, we’ll take a look at why so many people use the business world choose branded baseball caps as a promotional item.

1. Variety

When it comes to branded baseball caps, there are a lot of choices. You can choose a style and a colour that makes your company stand out from others. Not all of them have to be the same and you can offer customers and employees alike a choice as to what they would like.

2. Good for anyone

Men and women alike can wear branded baseball caps, so they’re not a promotional item that is simply for one or the other. They’re a great accessory for a baseball game, for a picnic, or any other casual function.

3. They are useful

Branded baseball caps are something that people are going to use which, of course, is important to get your company logo and name noticed. Promotional items are not an effective marketing item unless the general public sees them.

4. They are inexpensive

For marketing, branded baseball caps are an item that aren’t very expensive and can be purchased in bulk.

As you can see, using branded baseball caps as a promotional item is a very smart move. They will help your company to get noticed, they are something that you know people will wear, and they have a good variety of choices. They are a very good choice when it comes to promotional items.

About the Author: Miles Lovegrove is director of Fluid Branding, the UK’s largest supplier of

Promotional Baseball Caps


Branded Baseball Caps

at For Eco Friendly promotional products, including Recycled, Organic and Sustainable items visit


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Need Enlightenment? Contact Archangel Jophiel

Posted on 29th September 2013 by in Diamonds

Submitted by: Cherokee Billie

Archangel Jophiel is the Angel of Wisdom and Illumination whose name means Beauty of God. He is also the Patron Archangel of Education. This Great Archangel is not spoken about as perhaps some of the other more well know Archangels, but nonetheless he is an important messenger of the Divine. Archangel Jophiel’s mission in part, is to help focus you away from the personality, ego or fear and move ever closer to the Christ Consciousness. Jophiel’s twin flame is Christine and as her name suggests, she is all one with the Consciousness of Christ. Christine acts as a counterpart to Jophiel; she represents steadfast constancy and is the feminine aspect of Wisdom.

Jophiel and Christine bring enlightenment, wisdom, inspiration, clear seeing and understanding. He appears dressed in a yellow cloak, carrying a bright blazing sword. They reside on the Second Ray with the color being Yellow, also called the Love-Wisdom Ray. The energy of this ray is most powerfully beamed down to earth on a Sunday.

Jophiel’s mission is that of the Archangel of teachers and students, helping with teaching and education, particularly working with people of artistic natures alike. They bring awareness to humankind and offer understanding of the teachings from the higher realms, illuminating the pathway for all of us. If we loose our way, these two beautiful Angels can rescue people from spiritual blindness and ignorance, something which may hinder them from fulfilling their higher purpose.

Archangel Jophiel can release powerful energies of light to us, swirling around the head and brain area, which aids in removing any negativity and drawing down the perfect blueprint of each individual. By invoking this beautiful Archangel, you will begin to open more to wisdom, gain clarity, inspiration and he will help you to absorb and retain information during study or exam times.

When you need information, understanding or spiritual wisdom, invoke Archangel Jophiel and he will pour the wisdom upon you, like a fountain of golden light. If you get stuck and are unsure as to which path you should take, get quiet, and invoke Jophiel to assist you with your decision. Their help can be invaluable when breaking free from addictions of any sorts also.

Invoking Archangel Jophiel

We have free will so no Angel can interfere in our lives unless we give permission to do so. So we must Ask.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are some examples; of course you may change them to suit your personal circumstances:

I now invoke Archangel Jophiel and Archeia….

Make me aware of my Divine plan,

Give me guidance and help

Blaze the flame of Illumination through me

Please dissolve the lower energies from my being

Give me understanding, so I may resolve conflicts in my life

Help me to learn and absorb information for school/work

Help me to re-connect to my higher self/Divine Source


“I now invoke Archangel Jophiel to stand at my side, to pour golden light of illumination into my crown and through my body. I ask for wisdom and truth to help me learn and grow so I may know my higher self Then get quiet and let Jophiel do the rest.

Visualize your head area surrounded by the glowing gold light and see the angels of illumination flooding your soul, body and mind with this powerful energy.

Spiritual Retreat

Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine’s spiritual retreat is said to be located in the higher realms over the physical location south of the Great Wall of China, near Lanchow in North Central China.

Archangel Jophiel and the Chakras

Archangel Jophiel and Christine are associated with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head, the communication centre with our spiritual nature, oneness with the Divine. They can purify this chakra by sending the Yellow Ray of wisdom and enlightenment to aid in mastering the qualities of the Yellow Ray. Jophiel’s ruling planet is Mercury and his element is Air. Scents associated with him are Orange, Myrrh, lemongrass and lavender.

If you would like further information on the Archangels and how to have them help you in your life contact me, Cherokee Billie for further assistance.

About the Author:

Cherokee Billie offers help through the lens of clairvoyance, self-help, wisdom, philosophy, and spirituality. Cherokee Billie is the Author of “Heavenly Seduction” an best seller. In addition, Cherokee Billie is a Naturopathic Doctor (twenty years experience) Life Strategist, a Radio Personality, and an Ordained Minister leading people to a pathway to spiritual enlightenment.


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